Having Fun at the AIPLA 2018 Spring Meeting

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Judge Illston of N.D. Cal. at AIPLA Spring Meeting 2018

I’ve been attending the 2018 Spring Meeting of the American Intellectual Property Law Association this week, in Seattle, Washington. If you’re not an IP attorney, you might think that doesn’t really sound like “fun.” It’s actually been pretty entertaining, though. One example was the presentation today by Judge Susan Illston (shown above), a district judge in the Northern District of California. Her talk was about the litigation she sees in her San Francisco courtroom. She spoke about IP in general, with interesting examples of patents like the one for a watch that shows you how long before you’re expected to die. No. Really.

At any rate, it’s been a great AIPLA meeting, and I’ve learned a lot about everything from patent licensing to zombie trademarks. Tomorrow morning kicks off with a big keynote by the new Director of the USPTO, Andrei Iancu. I’m hopeful in general that he’ll be a positive advocate for patent rights. Mostly, though, I’m just hoping to learn how to pronounce his name properly.